One Simple Way To Change Your Life

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Here it is: Change one thing you do daily.

People sometimes think it’s some huge event or action that creates change. And it does — for a time period. Any lasting change in your life will be — must be — a result of something that changes in your daily routine of thoughts, words and actions.

Start with consciously thinking about it. Doing so for about 21 days will make it a habit.

But habits — good and bad — can be extinguished. You need something with lasting power. So extend that habit out to 90 days. 90 days creates a lifestyle.

What’s the difference between a habit and a lifestyle?

A habit is an activity that is repeated without thinking.

A lifestyle is a way of being. Just a normal part of your existence.

A habit can be taught, learned, forgotten, picked up, extinguished. A lifestyle is ingrained into your bones like your skin color and your genetic code. You cannot extinguish a lifestyle.

All starts with one daily change.


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