Opinions, America and The Mass Exodus From The Moral High Ground

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The Moral High Ground.

Depending on whom you ask, everyone occupies it at the same time.

What I have seen over the last few months, though, is anything but.

I see people name-calling, demonizing and claiming moral high ground over others. The reason? A difference of opinion. Not fact, but opinion.

Facebook posts suggesting you unfriend the author if you sided with the wrong candidate.

People claiming a right to disrespect others based on race or ethnicity because of election outcomes.

Adults online ganging up on and demonizing anyone who doesn’t agree 100% with the group’s stance.

Supposed “Leaders” characterizing a person’s entire being based off of one action or idea the leader disagrees with.

Attacking people whose opinion is different from yours is the furthest thing from leadership. Name-calling someone who sees things differently from you is childish. Staying in your bubble of like-thinking people doesn’t make you smart. It actually puts you on the fast path towards ignorance.

If the last few months in American have taught me anything, it’s that The Moral High Ground has many vacancies.

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