Options: Do Your Best To Keep As Many As Possible

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Options dre baldwinIt’s good to have options. When you have options you leave yourself  at no one’s mercy. You can walk away from situations not to your liking. When other people know you have options, they treat you like they know you can walk away.

When you have options, you have your pick of where to sit when you finally do decide on something, as the goal is not to have options forever, but to set ourselves up for the final, decisive choice.

Rash decisions limit our options. Emotional reactions limit options. Thinking of only the positive possible outcomes limits our options. Think clearly and calmly. Consider not only what could go right but what could go wrong. Consider what you cannot predict considering. And no matter what happens, never believe you’re stuck — you only are when you think you are. Your options are as limitless as your mind is fluid.