#19: All Outbound Calls Until They’re Inbound Calls [WOYG Podcast]

April 23, 2016 #19: All Outbound Calls Until They’re Inbound Calls [WOYG Podcast]


How great would it be to have your phone ringing off the hook every day with opportunity? What if you had more opportunity than you had time or energy to take advantage of them? What if you had to start turning great opportunities down because you had so many other great opportunities already scheduled? Dre explains in this episode how you will get yourself there and fill your schedule with action until others start filling your schedule for you.

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From the Bench To Basketball Pro in 5 Years?


Started playing at age 14. Only played one year of varsity basketball - and sat the bench. Walked on in college and played NCAA D3. Then I signed my first professional basketball contract at age 23, starting a 9-year pro basketball journey.

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