#19: All Outbound Calls Until They’re Inbound Calls [WOYG Podcast]

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How great would it be to have your phone ringing off the hook every day with opportunity? What if you had more opportunity than you had time or energy to take advantage of them? What if you had to start turning great opportunities down because you had so many other great opportunities already scheduled? Dre explains in this episode how you will get yourself there and fill your schedule with action until others start filling your schedule for you.

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  1. Be pro-active and create your opportunities. Don’t think there’s a man or woman alive who’s achieved without being pro-active. Even those who haven’t achieved and sit on the sidelines must’ve been pro-active at least once in some area. Got the girl you wanted, Got that job that pays the bills, unless you just showed up and settled.

    If you want to experience life, I mean really experience it and live life on your terms then you need to create opportunity. If you can do that, you can create a life you love. Don’t ever coast, always be pro-active and do the best you can with what you create or what opportunity presents itself.

    You have so much value here Dre, I’m just scratching the surface of it. It’s always appreciated.

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