Over Here Hustlin’: Embrace the Quiet Period

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Over Here Hustlin': Embrace the Quiet Period | Dre BaldwinWhen you’re building something for the long-term, not everything you do is not going to be news- or share-worthy. This becomes more and truer the bigger and longer-lasting your goal is.

You must embrace that period when you have nothing to announce, no big news to tweet about, and you don’t seem to be moving and shaking like so many others are. This is your incubation period, when your cake is baking in the oven and you just need to sit quietly, let it bake and don’t disturb it by jumping up and down — you don’t want the cake to “fall” in the pan.

So shut up. Keep working, keep to yourself, and keep quiet. Your time to shine and boast and be an attention whore will come — IF you’re patient enough to remain calm.