Overseas Basketball

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Overseas Basketball Players: Know EXACTLY What To Expect When You Sign Your Next Contract!

I put together a 9-Year Professional Basketball Career coming from an NCAA Division 3 school – which means there’s a Wide-Open Opportunity for ANYONE to do the same. I’m Here to Help You Do It. This PDF has Insider Tips on the overseas game, on- and off-court. Most importantly, the Business Of Pro Basketball.


  • How To Deal With Language Barriers
  • Making Sure You Get Paid – ON TIME
  • Adjusting To The Overseas Playing Style On The Court
  • What To Expect In Practices And Training
  • Maintaining Long-Distance Relationships While Overseas

Dre “DreAllDay” Baldwin

I played NCAA Division 3 college basketball, and never even got to play my natural position (guard). I had differences with my coach, and didn’t even play on the team my senior year. After college, I had no idea where to go or what to do for furthering a basketball career. I ended up traveling 8 countries over a 9-year career in professional basketball overseas. What I share with you here is a cumulation of the lessons learned from all the trial and error – the stuff I WISH someone had told me! Hopefully I’ll play a role in YOUR successful basketball career. #WOYG [Work On Your Game]