Overseer: Take A Look At Yourself

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overseer dre baldwin dreallday.comThe most powerful feeling is that out-of-body experience when I see my future in crystal-clear HD. Who will be around me? Where will I live? Who knows me? Who do I know? How do I spend my time?

What’s powerful about this isn’t just the visualizing power and the laws of attraction — we all know about that. It’s powerful because it takes a high level of my concentration and mental energy to have these visions. Being visual animals, humans seeing things that point in the direction we want to go, helps. Videos, pictures, memories, ideas.

The best part for me is being able to look at any current circumstances — whether bad situations or even good-but-not-fantastic things — and rising above it all mentally, seeing where everything is headed. What my current actions are precipitating — which can sometimes snap me to attention, if I’m bullshitting around and/or not acting with any sense of urgency.

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