Overthinking: Where Great Ideas Go To Die

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I come up with at least 10 ideas per day, thanks to James Altucher. I’ll act on 3-7 of them usually. If I’m lucky, 1 of them becomes a long-term action or business or product.

Ideas are like a new baby that thrives on movement. The less it moves, the quicker it dies. What happens to most of our ideas is we kill them with thoughts.

Why it won’t work. 

Why it’s stupid. 

Why I’ve already tried this before. 

Why someone will be mad at me.

Then we do nothing. Another bright idea, gone too soon. Then we’re in the advice-seeking abyss, asking everyone for input when we already had the solution that committed inaction suicide right in front of us.

Get in the habit of acting on your ideas. Right now. Not tomorrow afternoon. It might not live that long.