Own Your Work: Make Your Efforts Work For You

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Own Your Work dre baldwinAs much effort as we all put out there every day, a lot of the work we do evaporates into thin air once we stop working at/on what we’re currently doing. Something that has always been important to me — now it’s conscious but the concept has always existed in my subconscious — is that the work I do lasts and stands alone, with my name attached, even once I stop doing it.

Even if you work for someone else, we all have time to ourselves — this is when you build the thing that belongs to you, and you only. A small business venture, a website/blog, a book or journal, whatever speaks to you (and something IS speaking to you — if you don’t know what, you’re not listening). Treat this time as seriously as you treat the jobs you do that you don’t own — it’s infinitely more important, and the only thing that your name will be attached to when you’re gone.

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