The Problem That Comes With High-Level Performance

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If you don’t repeat it, you have to live with that fact.

In Relentless, Tim Grover articulated why many players don’t want to take the last shot: Because then they’ll have to keep making it.

Expectations go up. Everyone is looking at you to be the hero again. And if you don’t come through, in the eyes of onlookers, you’re a failure now. All this, just because you made that last shot.

Well, seems it’s a lot easier to not even take it in the first place.

But other people, you can always get away from or ignore. The only one you’re stuck with is yourself. The only one you're stuck with is yourself. Click To Tweet

When you raise your levels of living and performance, you’ve proved to yourself that it’s possible – which means you’re failing to live up to your potential if you don’t maintain it. That’s a tough monkey to carry around on your back.

Simple solution: play small your whole life and there will never be expectations. Then you can take the judgements and expectations you would’ve had for yourself and apply them to your friends, children, favorite celebrities and athletes.

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Sounds like you’d have to be a real underachieving a-hole to take this option, right?

Well, look around (in the mirror?) and tell me what you see.
What keeps many from sustaining success is not that they don’t know what to do. They just don’t want to do it.