Pick Me: Don’t Base Your Success On Other People’s Choice

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pick me dre baldwinWhen you put the weight of your success or failure in someone else’s hands you are setting yourself up for misery. They would have to somehow decide in your favor for you to reach your defined “success”.

We humans are social animals. Communication between us all is an important part of life. Life is political. We all work to further our own interests when we need to. All of this means that you will need to deal with people, all the time. Isolation is dangerous for any of us. But that doesn’t mean they should hold your fate — or the fate of the success as you defined it — in their hands.

Get as much of what you define as success into your own hands. Leave it 100% under your control. OR, adjust what you define success as so that it is all on you as to whether or not you’ve reached it.

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