Pleasing Results Vs. Pleasing Activities

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Pleasing Results Vs. Pleasing Activities | Dre BaldwinTwo minutes ago I was slouched down in a chair, looking at a YouTube video and getting nothing or circumstance done. Then I noticed what I was doing, straightened up and started writing this post.

Slouching in the chair was a pleasing activity: It felt comfortable at the moment, I was satisfying my latent laziness by doing nothing, and my brain was relaxing as much as it could without being asleep. There are other pleasing activities that I’ve done before (and probably will do again at some point): eating ice cream, sleeping in instead of getting up and working, ending a workout when I get tired instead of pushing through it.

Pleasing activities don’t equate to success.

Pleasing results may entail some unpleasant activities. Eating spinach instead of ice cream will result in my body looking, performing, and feeling better. Being disciplined enough to work every day, even when I don’t feel like it, results in getting my business where I want it to go. Finding the mental toughness to finish a training session even when my body doesn’t want to results in me having the extra 2% at the end of competition that my opponent doesn’t have.

Pleasing results always equal success.

Activities and results are both choices: We choose which actions we will take and we make choices about the results we want. The activities that make you feel good don’t always equal results, though. The pursuits of the results that make you feel good will allow you push yourself through even the activities you don’t like.

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