#8: My 8AM List [WOYG Podcast]

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How does Dre Baldwin start his day? What does he do, what time does he get up? Why? What led to this and what keeps it going? How can you use any of this for your own purposes? In this episode Dre shares his 8am List, of the activities he does daily before 8am (or relative time – he explains within) to get his day started with routine consistency (redundant? Oh well…)


  1. Have a consistent routine. Love the first thing, look at and immerse yourself in your goals, vision, purpose to start the day on a positive note. End it that way too. Getting yourself mentally and physically prepared for the day.

    Glad I’m going over the episodes in order, picking up tips all over the place. The first ones I’ve noticed are about getting yourself ready. Consistent routine, knowing your purpose. Then it builds on itself.

    Always packed full of value Dre.

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