#18: Dealing With Criticism [WOYG Podcast]

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Criticism. It’s the second biggest fear known to man after that of death. More people have been stopped from their own success by fear of criticism than actual failure of ability.
What you must understand is that criticism — in all forms — can and will find you the more you do, attempt and succeed at. People criticize you when your achievements represent their failures. Get used to it and bulletproof your mind [DreAllDay.com/Bulletpoof] against it.


  1. You can’t win over everyone. Like in the stripper episode, you only need to focus on those who are your customers or those who are contributing to you in some way.

    The funny thing about that story is, if they’d of gone through a fourth town with the old man and the boy carrying the donkey the townsfolk would’ve said, look at that donkey, letting an old man and a boy carry him. That’s how ridiculous it can get.

    Good news if you’ve done something is you can console yourself with a great big smile that you’ve done it. I get that it can sting if someone is criticizing you BUT you did it. You achieved your goal.

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