#17: You Don’t Have To Prove Shit To Anyone [WOYG Podcast]

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Many people will attempt to have you feel you need to do things for their approval.
You don’t owe success, results or answers to anyone but yourself. Dre explains how to adopt this mindset and use it proactively in your life.


  1. What I love about the podcast is that it’s all about you and becoming the best version of yourself. Knowing yourself, knowing who you want to be and going out there and doing it.

    The only time you can fail against yourself is when you let yourself coast or you just give up. If today you can only do one push up and tomorrow you do two, that’s a success, you’re moving forward.

    I’m guilty of comparing myself to others but I’m usually comparing myself to their end result not the work they’ve put in to get to that point. More productive to just compete with yourself and be the greatest version of yourself. That I can achieve and on a daily basis.

    Thanks Dre.

    • Truth! You never know the whole story of what others did or are doing -- just what they wish to show you.

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