#10: Energy – Draining People [WOYG Podcast]

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Have you ever known people who always seem to drain your energy? Every time you’re around them you feel less “alive” than you were before. They seem to suck all the life out of rooms, teams, situations, and people. You need to be equipped with the skills to identify these people and subsequently get them the hell away from you. Listen up.


  1. This is an interesting one, I actually identified myself as an energy draining person, Had the traits of point number 2, waited around for things to happen rather than being proactive and making things happen. While I’m not 100% there I am now making more things happen, I’m more proactive. I’m helping myself rather than waiting around to see.

    The problem I found with waiting around is nothing really happens or IF something happens, you just go with it, and it’s not what you want or where you want to be. Then you complain about it, the problem with complaining about it is you let it happen as you done nothing.

    When you make something happen you’re in control. Either way it’s up to you. If you’re an energy drainer you’ll know when you find yourself alone with not much. You need to be aware of it. Once you’re aware you can do something about it. The good news is if you’re listening and applying the things in the podcast you’ll be out there making things happen.

    Always appreciated Dre.

    • Glad you’re going back through and finding value Colin!

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