#5: “Is Making It In Basketball Hard?” YES! [WOYG Podcast]

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How hard is it, really, to make it as a basketball player? How good do I have to be? How much competition is there? Who can I help my own chances? What ARE my chances?
In this episode of the Work On Your Game podcast, Dre Baldwin shares the truths about making it as a basketball player, based off of his 9-year professional basketball career playing internationally.


  1. Focus on what you can do, work on developing yourself into the best version of you. Have a plan to get known, be great with people, offer value and keep developing yourself and your skills and the odds of making it will be in your favour.

    I’ll be here listening, learning, taking notes and applying until the day you stop producing these Dre. Even then I’ll still be back listening to keep my mind fresh and free of everyday clutter.

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