#16: Obscurity, Uncertainty, Persistence [WOYG Podcast]

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If you are not where you want to be in any area of your life, one of 3 issues is in the way. 1. Obscurity: not enough people knowing who you are and/or what you’re doing. 2. Uncertainty: a lack of sufficient confidence to put yourself out there, sell yourself, and fully be/do what you’re doing 3. Persistence: you’re doing and being all the right things, but you haven’t been doing it long enough! It takes time to build a skyscraper or for a tree to grow. Keep working.


  1. No way do I want to be in the 90% The good news is that the 90% probably wouldn’t be listening to your podcast or if they knew about it wouldn’t be applying it giving me an advantage. I’ll take that advantage, even though I want others to succeed as it benefits all of us.

    If, as the saying goes, we’re as strong as the weakest link then it would be really great if the 90% raised their game as we’d have to raise our game, though we would even without the rest of the world raising theirs. Not yet in the 10% but getting there.

    Always worth listening to Dre.

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