#4: Self – Discipline [WOYG Podcast]

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Self-Discipline: we all know what it is, and we all know how much we need it and would benefit from it. But how can you develop it and why does it matter? What are the results you’ll get from it? In the first of many talks on this topic, Dre Baldwin explains some things about the dirty word of discipline.


  1. Glad I went back to the start, you’re right there’s important episodes that have been missed if you just cherry pick.

    For me, I don’t enjoy the prospect of standing out or being scrutinized, being in business was never my goal, but being average, waiting around for things is even less appealing.

    The more I learn about business the more I love it, the more I listen to yourself and Grant Cardone, among others, the more I can see myself doing it. This excites me more and the more I take on board.

    Focus on what you want is the right way to go, it takes away all the worry of what if. Another gold episode Dre. Will keep asking what can I do that nobody else is doing?

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