#15: Strippers – 3 Business Principles To Adopt ASAP [WOYG Podcast]

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Strippers. Are you a fan? A loyal customer? A correct or former participant? Doesn’t matter which, you can take some principles from exotic dancers and apply them to your own life for creating more success in whatever form you choose. 1. Use what you have to get what you want. 2. Your time always = money. 3. You don’t give a damn about dissenting opinions of non-buyers.


  1. You can learn something from all sources, even from someone you consider to be a loser, you can learn what not to do. Always worth the time Dre, always value.

    I’m applying the don’t care about the judgement of others, wasted ALOT of time with that one, and they go on and carry on with their lives and you’re still letting a conversation continue and letting it control you, luckily I found your podcast and am getting my mindset right. Otherwise, what a waste.

    • Great use of this content. Glad you recognized and changed your thinking there Colin.

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