#3: Things I Would Tell My Younger Self [WOYG Podcast]

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What would Dre Baldwin tell his younger self? In this episode of the Work On Your Game podcast, Dre tells you exactly what he would say and why. Pay attention.


  1. Great episode Dre, set my mind racing. I’d agree with all the points and if you’re young, still in school or college, take note and do this. Wish I’d of had this advice when I was still in school, whether I’d of listened is a different matter. Put your ego aside and take action on this podcast.

    What I’d add is use school, you have to be there so use it rather than it using you. Learn your strengths and weaknesses, find the subjects you’re passionate about, learn all you can about them. Then use these subjects to learn things about the subjects your not interested in. Example you love films, you want to make films but you hate history so learn about the history of film, you’ll pick up what the era was like, what was going on at the time. Same with geography, film locations. Keep doing this, will make those subjects more bareable.

    Network with other students, help those who are weaker in your strong areas, get help in your weak areas. Focus mainly on your strengths. Learn as much as you can about alot of different things and how they relate to your chosen subject. Marketing, sales in film.

    Use the resources around you to develop passion projects. Get pro active. Get other students involved. We’re all in media now, no matter what career path you take, you can make videos, blogs, podcasts. Detail your learning journey for other students to follow or expand upon.

    Loved this episode. What would you tell your younger self?

    • Thanks, Colin, for your feedback! Happy the show got you thinking.

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