#11: How To Think For Yourself [WOYG Podcast]

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Thinking. We all do it (sometimes); often about the wrong things. The times we choose not to think are usually the times we need it most: when it’s something we need to decide or take responsibility for. With so much “knowledge” out there today, many people suspend their ability to think independently, thus allowing it to atrophy, and then wonder why they aren’t getting what they want. It’s because you’re allowing other people to think for you. Bad idea.


  1. Hello Dre,
    I’m glad I found your Podcast….I just ordered

    The Bulletproof Bundle
    I’m constantly reading books and I believe your books will be a nice addition to my Library. Looking forward to studying your books 🙂

    Sam Khalil

      • Dre,
        I would like to do Youtube videos reviewing your Podcast….starting from #1….I’ll need to catch up with your current ones….so I’m thinking of reviewing 3 at a time…..would like to get your approval to do this….my email is pippuller@gmail.com would love to hear from you.

        • Hi Sam,

          Sure — I’d be happy to hear your reviews.

          • Check out my review 🙂
            I titled it: Dre Baldwin Podcast Review
            My youtube channel is bowtieforex

  2. It’s all about you and taking responsibility for your life and everything that happens, good or bad. Although really good and bad is just how you view it, a result you wanted or a result that you didn’t, good thing is you can take the result you didn’t want and turn it into something you do want.

    Bad results are just diversions, taking you off the main road and showing you something you haven’t seen or thought of, then when you find your way back to the main road you’ll have the experience of that diversion, which could help you in the long run or when you come up against a different diversion.

    Always thought provoking Dre. I always find it interesting when you discover something new but it’s always been there you just missed it. Like going into a book store and looking at the same titles you always looked at and then you discover a whole new section that you’ve never seen before and it opens up a new world and new possibilities.

    Don’t get stuck in a routine, keep your mind open and do things different, sometimes just for the sake of it and to shake things up.

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