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Work On Your Game & The Overseas Basketball Blueprint 

Dre Baldwin is the BEST daily podcaster in existence. 

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Dre is The Man

I have learned more from him than any other person throughout the last few years.. He has positively influenced my life and without him paving the way for young entrepreneurs and basketball players, there is no way I'd be where I am today.


The Best Motivational Speaker ALIVE

Dre Baldwin has a special talent when it comes to motivational speeches or in any speech. He will give u the confidence and mental strength u need to become the person u want to become. It worked for me and I’m sure it would work for u. WORK ON YOUR GAME

Zack Goldstein


Dre’s advice and insight will give you a whole new perspective on mindset and motivation. You will not regret taking 15-30 minutes of your time for this podcast.


Would Pay For This

THE best podcast when it comes to progressing forward in life and being the person you need to be. Any obstacle or problem you have Dre has covered it in an episode. #WOYG


About Dre Baldwin 

Dre Baldwin is is author of Work On Your Game: Using The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate In Sports, Business and Life. A 9-year professional basketball player, Dre teaches Productivity through Mental Toughness, Confidence and Discipline. 

Dre started publishing to YouTube in 2006 and has over 132,000 subscribers and over 42 million views. His Work On Your Game Podcast has amassed over 1.2 million listens. 

Dre has given 4 TED Talks, written 22 books and over 200 programs. Dre lives in Miami.

Dre Baldwin Work On Your Game Podcast

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