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by Dre Baldwin 

Discipline, Confidence & Mental Toughness For Sports, Business & Life | Mental Health & Mindset


Dre Baldwin is the BEST daily podcaster in existence. 

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You are making a big difference

Just wanted to pay you a compliment. Am a 54 year business woman in Northern California and really enjoy your podcasts. Am a big fan of your uplifting spirit and “can-do” attitude. Congratulations on all your accomplishments!

A never-give-up attitude like yours gets one ahead in life, changes a person from ordinary to extraordinary. Thank you for sharing your life skills with the world. You are making a big difference.

Jennifer Brown Business Professional

Dre is an action taker and that is contagious

Appreciate this podcast, as Dre's passion and commitment flow through to inspire the audience to not make excuses and take action! Inspires me to keep on hustling.

Craig Entreprenuer & Coach

Podcast has become a daily must for me

Dre is just continuing to flood our minds with positive and life changing ideas. Iv been a fan/student of Dre for about 5 years now and his podcast has become a daily must for me

AF Hooper

Great Information

I started listening to this podcast over a year ago and I have been hooked ever since. Dre gives great advice that can be applied to every area of life. Great show!


About Dre Baldwin 

Dre Baldwin is is author of Work On Your Game: Using The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate In Sports, Business and Life. A 9-year professional basketball player, Dre teaches Productivity through Mental Toughness, Confidence and Discipline. 

Dre started publishing to YouTube in 2006 and has over 132,000 subscribers and over 42 million views. His Work On Your Game Podcast has amassed over 1.2 million listens. 

Dre has given 4 TED Talks, written 22 books and over 200 programs. Dre lives in Miami.

Dre Baldwin Work On Your Game Podcast

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