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Work On Your Game & The Overseas Basketball Blueprint 

Dre Baldwin is the BEST daily podcaster in existence. 

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The path to prosperity

Thank you (and the team?) for what you do. You're changing lives for the better. I'd guess that you're getting enough feedback at this point that mine but I'm taking the time anyways because the messages you produce and publish are worthy of it. I downloaded itunes and signed up for an apple id to post a review this morning after listing to your most recent episode #802 How To Pay Less Attention To What Others Are Doing. It is a little religious experience to wake up obsessing over something useless only to turn over in bed, to grab for a podcast to quiet the deamons, and to be greeted by something so directly relevant to the things I am struggling with. You're doing good things and I hope you keep it up.


Would Pay For This

THE best podcast when it comes to progressing forward in life and being the person you need to be. Any obstacle or problem you have Dre has covered it in an episode. #WOYG


Constantly turning down clients because there simply are too many! I cannot thank you enough for being as real as possible.

Hi Dre! Will post this publicly but I also really wanted to tell you directly.

It’s been exactly one year since I’d been listening to your podcasts. It started when I was on my way to my miserable job at a horrible architecture company. A team of 45 architects and 2 interior designers including myself. They had us working 14 hour days with no paid overtime, it was exhausting and completely upsetting to think this was all my industry could be. One fed up morning, I couldn’t stomach going to work, in need of some motivation I somehow stumbled upon your podcast and everything changed from then on. I went in every morning charged and motivated. Still hated my job entirely but it pushed me to have bigger ambition and a ‘no excuses’ attitude which has really became apart of the way I organically operate today.

You helped me realise my potential, my talent, what drives me. Taught me to fuck the excuses, opinions and the norm. One ballsy day I left that job, and started my own business. Immediately I was petrified of what I had just done. “How will I get clients? This isn’t going to work... what were you thinking???” But I stuck to it, stayed brave and worked on marketing.

3 months into my business opening and I am constantly turning down clients because there simply are too many! I wake up driven, excited and charged every single day. I cannot thank you enough for being as real as possible.

It’s weird to think you’ve been a big part of my day for a year and you have no idea who I am 😂 Anyways, keep doing what you’re doing.

Tania Jeyda Entreprenuer

Mamba Mentality

From one entreprenuer to another, hands down one of the best podcasts out there. Dre speaks in-depth about real-life applicable content and provides you with the exact steps you MUST take to accomplish said things. What makes everything so personable to me (a basketball coach) is the fact that he relates the majority of his content to BASKETBALL. I love that.

Just like coffee, the 'WOYG' podcast is part of my morning routine and I HIGHLY recommend you make it a part of yours. Ladies and gentlemen, if you are in your car, at home or at the gym, take out a pen and paper, open your ears & take notes, because Dre is about to bulletproof your mindset so YOU can overcome any obstacles coming your way. WORK on your game.


About Dre Baldwin 

Dre Baldwin is is author of Work On Your Game: Using The Pro Athlete Mindset To Dominate In Sports, Business and Life. A 9-year professional basketball player, Dre teaches Productivity through Mental Toughness, Confidence and Discipline. 

Dre started publishing to YouTube in 2006 and has over 132,000 subscribers and over 42 million views. His Work On Your Game Podcast has amassed over 1.2 million listens. 

Dre has given 4 TED Talks, written 22 books and over 200 programs. Dre lives in Miami.

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