Power Surge: Taking Advantage Of Your High-Energy Moments

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Power Surge  dre baldwin

All of us has limits to our energy. It goes up, comes down. We have listless moments (like sleep or before a nap), and we have surges of every at different times for different reasons.

None of us will have this perfect high energy all the time, and we can’t even control when it hits. But when it does hit, we can all do our best to make the most of the time and get as much done as possible. Some people call this “batching” — getting a lot of stuff done at once, instead of having accomplishments  slowly trickle in. This leaves bulks of time for doing other stuff, making your work time shorter but also more productive.

An important aspect of this is to actually know what it is you need to be getting done, so when that energy hits you, you know exactly what you should be doing and how and when and where. You don’t want to waste energy trying to figure out what to do with it. And we already know how energy works — the existence of it leads to more of it. Taking advantage of your power surge will lead to more and longer surges, making you a human machine of task completion.

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