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I came off a flight in the Miami airport last week and took the long walk through the terminal to the street. It’s a favorite walk of mine, being home and all. And I have, in my opinion, one of the cutest Uber drivers in the system.

As I’m walking, a female airport employee was walking ahead of me. She was pushing one of those Grey carts that have a shelf on top and one at the bottom. The woman was petite — barely five feet tall and thin, and the way she had stepped into my path I never saw her face. But I did see her ass. Perfectly round, perky and slightly too big for her body.

I’ve known women who were about this woman’s body type; none had an ass like hers.

I’ve known women who had asses like hers; none were this body type.

In other words, I’m 97% sure this was not the ass she was born with (or trained for). If you saw her, once your mind went past “Damn!” you would agree with my assessment. It was not ridiculously disproportionate, it just didn’t match any other part of her body.

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I’m sure this woman’s booty gets her a lot of attention. Whoever did it did a good job. If you or someone you know wants an ass job, go to the Miami Airport and find this chick. Go to her doctor.

Anyhow, why I’m bringing this up. I’ve dated a few women who’ve had unnatural something-or-other on them. I once walked Aventura Mall with a girl who had had work done, everywhere on her. Heads turned non-stop to see her/us. It felt like we were walking through the mall with a spotlight on us. It was fun, actually.

She wanted me to be her sugar daddy; I declined.

I never talked about their surgery with any of the women. I wish I had. I’d first ask what led to them getting the work. Who did it. What it cost. How life has changed. And how they feel now that they have it.

I would probably not do a serious relationship with an enhanced female. Not because they couldn’t be great people. Because one principle of mine is, you have what you have and you have to earn the rest. Buying it, to me, feels like cheating. Similar to a man taking steroids. Yeah, it looks good — but who did you have to become in order to get it? How does it make you more valuable? For them, the answer is “a paying customer” and they’re the same person.

This kind of stuff — especially for women — was a big deal “back in the day.” Keeping It Real, literally, was a badge of honor.

I’m not against the change in taste. And this isn’t a diss to anyone I may be describing, any enhanced women I’ve dated or the airport employee if she reads my emails.

But some principles never leave you.

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