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I’ve been hearing about Ray Dalio from his friend Tony Robbins for years. Ray is a finance guy, and while I’m not into hedge funds and such, His name is well-known in the business world. 

As he states in the introduction to Principles, Ray decided to, finally, put his life’s rules in one book. And this is a great one. 

Dalio uses the early chunk of the book to tell his life’s story of childhood and how he got into business. Ray is 70 years old and this is his first book, so there is a lot to tell. 

The rest of the book fulfills the promise of the title: Dalio lays out the principles he utilizes in his business and life, and I found myself either agreeing with or being enlightened by his explanations. 

Being a finance guy who trusts and knows numbers, Dalio explains not only what he believes, but the logical rationale behind those beliefs in ways that any thinking person would have to agree with. 

Many of the principles involved decision making and dealing with other people both as a leader and a team member. These inclusions make Principles a book that a business owner would gift to his staff. 

Ray Dalio explains things with facts and truths, not emotions or assumptions. This is a way of explaining that I really appreciate. 

Principles is a multiple-times read. 

You Should Read Principles IF: You want to learn better decision making and leadership processes that are based on logic and rational thinking instead of guessing or hoping.