Problems: Weight Lifting For Your Spirit

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One of my favorite passages from The Richest Man In Babylon:

The soul of a free man looks at life as a series of problems to be solved and solved them, while the soul of a slave whines, “what can I do who am But a slave?”

The problems and challenges of life are not to be avoided — welcome them.

There will always be a problem that you’re currently dealing with, just finished handling, or about to have on your hands. That’s how life works.

And although you may not feel so great while you’re in the midst of handling things, every time you handle a problem, meet a challenge, and overcome an obstacle, you’re that much stronger, smarter and resilient for handling the next one— and there will be a next one.

Looking at life this way, problems are like a weight room for your spirit and mindset.

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Your mental and spiritual “muscles” are fatigued and depleted while you’re in the lifting session, but as a result, those muscle fibers repair themselves to be even stronger than before. These same problems won’t be so daunting should you ever face then again. Over time, you can slap bigger weights on the bar, lift heavier, and admire your #GAINS.

All of this is more about your mental makeup than your physical resources.

Most people try to avoid and stay away from problems. Problems trigger stress, anxiety and fear. To many people, problems are the opposite of happiness and contentment.

Being happy and content does not mean that there are no problems; it means you’re secure in knowing that you can handle any that may pop up unannounced, as problems are known to do.

The people who are truly happiest are those who know that whatever problem presents itself, they have — or will acquire — the means to handle it.  This is the most practical and realistic way to look at life anyway, since we don’t always know what the next problem will be, but we do know there is one on the horizon. They’re a natural part of life.

Problems and challenges are life’s weight room. Don’t avoid the workouts. Look for more muscle groups to target.


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