Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwell Maltz [Book Review]

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“A plastic surgeon does not simply all to her email and face. He also was the man’s in yourself. The incisions he makes are more than skin deep. He frequently cut deep into the psyche as well. I decided a long time ago that this is an awesome responsibility and that I owe it to my patients into my soul to know something about what I am doing. No responsible M.D. would attempt to perform extensive plastic surgery without specialized knowledge and training. Just so, I feel good at changing and his face is going to change the inner man as well, I have a responsibility to require specialized knowledge in that field, also.“

I had Psycho-Cybernetics recommended to me three years ago, and was sad to see that it was not available in digital format. I bought the hard copy, and proceeded to not read it until now.

Psycho-Cybernetics is personal development manual first published in 1960 by plastic surgeon Maxwell Martz. Martz got interested in the mental side of people after noticing how his patients’ personalities and lives changed after the surgeries gerperfoemned on them; MAltz hypothesized that the change in physical appearance changed how the people felt about themselves on the inside and thus affected their thoughts and actions.

Psycho-Cybernetics came from Maltz wanting to learn how people could give themselves a mental facelift and change their lives without going under a knife. Maltz explains the servomechanism or heat seeking missile that is out subconscious and how it works, and shares a plethora of actionable, useful strategies for maximizing ourselves both physically and mentally.

Though the book is written in a doctor-ish way, making for some wordy sections, I still recommend Psycho-Cybernetics to anyone who’s looking to learn about the Mental Game of life and anyone on a personal improvement journey. If you’re looking to improve yourself, you should be reading every book on the subject.

You Should REad Psycho-Cybernetics IF: You are into personal development. A lot of what you read today builds on the foundation this book laid.