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“Rather, this book is about the basics of the writing business, and I’ve geared it primarily toward beginning or early career writers who want to get traditionally published.
You may seek the secrets to success and a positive spin on an industry in great upheaval. But just know that the longer I’m in the business, the more slippery it all looks. I know what works for some, but it never works for all”

Though I’m not a first-time author nor an aspiring full-time writer — the target markets for Jane’s book — I read titles like this one, that are tangential to what I do (I am an author, and I do write) to learn things that may come in handy later.

Jane is a veteran of the writing industry, having worked as the publisher of Writer’s Digest and being a well-traveled speaker whose very business is educating writers on how to write better and generate business from doing so. Publishing 101 covers all areas of the writing business, fiction and nonfiction, from agents to query letters to blogging to platform to the value (or non-value, depending) of social media and everything in between.

You Should Read Publishing 101 IF: You’re a writer or want to be. You want to make money from your writing. You would like to one day sign a contract with a major book publisher. You want to self-publish a book and sell it yourself.


Publishing 101 by Jane friedman