R.I.P. Notorious B.I.G.: In Memoriam

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I usually tweet this — I will again this year — in memory of The Notorious B.I.G.’s death on this date in 1997.

Couldn’t score if they had point game/ they lame/ Speak my name, I make ‘Em Dash like Dame/ I love the dough


  1. I really liked BIG, even more than Pac. Now I’m more a Pac guy but B.I.G is still the man. It’s the West Coast in me but anyways… Here is my big (B.I.G.) question. How. Do. You. Know. B.I.G. is. Dead? Here’s why I say it. Pac’s death was faked. Youtube Treach saying Pac is alive. Then look at Pac’s goatee before the Tyson fight then in the car before the alleged shooting. His beard was short before and long later. Reason? Photoshop. There’s way more proof of Pac’s death being faked. Dig on youtube. Anyways, anyways… If Pac’s death was faked why would B.I.G’s death be a real thing? To me that doesn’t add up. I’ve looked into this in depth and it makes more sense that they are both alive.

    • Haha let’s say this is true; what does it do for you or me? Put that same time & energy into whatever your goals in life are and you will be super successful. Thanks for the comment

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