Racing Against Nobody [Daily Game]

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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Running has been “my sport” since I stopped playing basketball.

The fun thing about running is that it’s a solo game: You don’t need ten or even one other person to have a running competition, as the only real competition in running is you vs. the clock. Running can happen anytime, doesn’t require a pitch or a court or a pool or even any equipment: Someone has probably gone for a run wearing exactly what you’re wearing right now (yeah, even in what you’re wearing).

The tough thing about running is that is a solo game: (Often) No one to measure yourself against, no one to defeat on those long, lonely runs. There’s no crowd, no scoreboard, maybe not even a next game to look forward to. If you don’t know how mentally taxing that can be, try it sometime.

But that’s exactly what makes it, and you, great.


For Your Game

  1. Interpersonal Competition brings the best out of people for a simple reason: We can plainly see where the bar has been set, and subsequently do our best to clear it. When it’s just us by ourselves, then, without that human measuring stick, we sometimes slack off, and often do significantly worse than we’d do had we been around other people. The height of self-mastery is doing that “best” even when no one but ourselves is around or would even know about it.


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