Reading List: Dre Baldwin’s Book Recommendations, by Category

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I started reviewing every book I read a few years ago here on this site and keeping a list, and I still get asked often about books to read. This page will list books, by category, that you can read to serve your purposes.

Below you’ll find Dre Baldwin’s Book Reading List: what I’m reading now, plus a list of (almost) everything I’ve read from circa 2012-on. I read these books for different reasons — some business, some personal, recommendations sent to me, others I just stumbled into — and review the ones I like (which is most of them).

Since I’m out of school, books are my #1 method of continuing education. The title links are to my reviews of each.

Dre Baldwin’s Books: These are books written by me! I recommend you read them all – or listen; Audible will give you any of my books free. I guarantee a return on investment.

Personal Development, Self-Help, Self Improvement: The books you’d find in the self-help section of a bookstore, and, to me, the #1 way to further you education as a human outside of school (and in many cases, better than school). These will make you better as a person in whatever vocation your in or headed into.

Promoting, Selling & Marketing Yourself or Your Business: These are my favorites when it comes to learning how to sell yourself and market your skills in order to create business opportunities. This is the stuff they don’t teach you in schools.

Strategy & Competition: Probably my favorite category. These books are what I call “deep reads” — you’ll need to turn off the music and TV while taking these in to give your brain room to think as you read. These books are the longest, but also the most valuable for long-term benefit in my opinion.

Finding Yourself/What To Do With Your Life (Post-Sports): These are the books I tell people to get when they’re not sure what they want to do (next).

Dealing With The Opposite Sex, Dating & Social Life: These books are all about socializing, dating, meeting the right person for you, etc.

Currently Reading:

12 Rules For Life by Jordan Peterson (@jordanbpeterson)