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Ready Or Not | Dre BaldwinSometimes players come to me with an emergency: Tryouts are in 48 hours and they don’t know what to do to be ready to play at their best. I tell them the truth: If you’re not ready now, there’s nothing that’s gonna make you ready in two days. Good luck.

I heard a story by wrestler HHH how he was in Floyd Mayweather’s dressing room before a big boxing match. HHH saw that Floyd would be called to the ring in about 30 minutes, so he started to excuse himself. Floyd told HHH that it was perfectly OK for HHH to stay in the room with him. HHH, thinking that Floyd was just being courteous and not really meaning it, insisted on leaving the dressing room so the Champ could get mentally ready for the fight. Floyd, though, insisted on HHH staying in the dressing room.

“Listen, the fight is in 30 minutes. If I’m not ready now, there’s nothing I can do about it in 30 minutes. The work has already been done. Stick around HHH, let’s watch TV.”

Floyd went out and won the fight.

By show time, the work has either been done or it hasn’t. There’s no last second idea that will save you or break you. You either can get the job done or you can’t — all your preparation from the previous week/month/year is what comes out during game time. Not the last 5 minutes.

Chill out and watch some TV.

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