Ready To Ask Yourself Some Tough Questions? Avoid This Costly Mistake…

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Sometimes you may hear someone who’s more known than you say something that’s not new to you. 

The more-known-person’s audience, though, reacts as if it’s the most profound thing they’ve ever heard. 

It’s at this point that you have a choice. 

One option is to be resentful of that other expert and of the audience. 

You know everything that this more-known guy knows, after all. And this dumbass audience could’ve gotten this same knowledge from you back in 2017. 

You’re pointing fingers. Blaming. And there’s nothing else you can do at that point. 

The other option is to ask yourself some good questions. 

Such as — 

What is this more-known person doing that’s making his message land in ways that mine is not? 

How is he getting his name known in ways that I’m not? 

Since I know I have some of the same skills as this guy, what are the elements that I’m missing that would close the gap between me and him? 

Key to asking these questions: you must trust that there are answers, and not allow yourself to leave without them. 

As soon as you hypnotize yourself into, “there’s no difference,” “I’m just as good across the board as them,” and any form of believing things are “unfair,” you’ve lost your chance.

As soon as you hypnotize yourself into, “there’s no difference,” “I’m just as good across the board as them,” and any form of believing things are “unfair,” you’ve lost your chance. Click To Tweet

Your chance to find out what (or who) you may be missing. Or to find out what you have — but aren’t using properly. 

Look: maybe you are doing everything you can be doing. Maybe it is just the luck of the draw right now. Maybe you’re currently in a space where you just have to play the waiting game. 

But, whenever you chalk up your station in life to the powerlessness of luck and circumstance and time not being on your side, you give up your opportunity to examine and work on the only thing you control: your own game. 

Dance with the tough questions. It’ll improve your footwork. 

What’s the tough question you’re dancing with right now? Reply and let me know — I read all responses.  

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