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I do most of my writing in Google Docs. 

I’ve been blogging since 2005. And Google Docs has the best spellcheck and autocorrect mechanism I’ve ever seen.

It makes writing a breeze. I can be close-enough spelling-wise when writing stuff (I type fast), and Google Docs understands what I meant to say. 

Docs even understands context, and will correct a properly-spelled word to another version based on the structure of a sentence — your vs. you’re, for example. 

Google Docs seems to get smarter and smarter over time. It knows the words that I usually capitalize. It recognizes “Work On Your Game” as a proper noun. 

This is a reflection of both the artificial “intelligence” baked into the product, and the constant updates Google’s engineers make to the software. 

Google Docs isn’t perfect though, at least not yet: while the intelligence of the program remembers how I spell words, it also remembers misspellings. The words that I spell incorrectly, I spell incorrectly all the time.  

And, as I do so often enough, Google Docs comes to assume that I actually want to spell a word that (wrong) way. So it not only stops correcting me — it will actually autocorrect some of my typing to the wrong spelling if I type a word the same wrong way often enough. 

This is the same thing we do to ourselves. 

We do something incorrectly, or suboptimally at best, but it somehow works. We get the result anyway. We get away with it. 

Our personal “Google Docs” accepts the misspelling as what we actually want. 

And we accept it as good enough. 

It’s only when we personally “proofread” our actions, or our blog post, that we notice the errors. 

Problem is, many of us never proofread. 

We think that, just because we got away with it, it must have been correct. Getting away with it must mean that we’ve done the best that we can do. 

Don’t depend on Google Docs to be your editor. It may have simply adjusted to your habits. 

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