Reality Is Depressing: Paint A Picture Of A Better Future

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Reality Is Depressing: Paint A Picture Of A Better Future | Dre BaldwinUsually when you hear someone mention reality or being realistic, that person is about to point out something they see as negative, or some less-than-ideal situation. And for the most part, we all know what our realities are, despite what we say or try to show/hide from everyone around us.

So, when you want attention or people to follow you (or both), get good at showing people what could be.

Show someone how great he can become, how much money she could make, how enjoyable life could be, and you will have people wanting to hear and see more from you. You’re taking them away from the depressing actualities of life and engaging the imagination that many adults slowly sing to sleep the older they get.

There is one good use of reality: It wakes people up and opens their eyes to how un-great their situation is. But be careful how you wield the tool of reality; some people will fight tooth and nail to defend theirs out of fear of change. You’ve probably met many people like this.

A strong leader doesn’t become one by simply pointing out what is — anyone with the courage to speak out can do that. A leader can take what is, dress it up, put makeup on it and strut it as the possibilities of the future on the runway for all to see in full display.

Pointing out reality simply requires the ability to see. A leader sees reality, and also sees what isn’t and represents the realization of it. That’s vision.