The Real You Is Fighting To Get Out: Open The Door

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I know who I need to be, and I know how it feels to be him. Every once in awhile I do get there! It’s usually when I get (angry, frustrated, a sense of urgency). Dre, I just can’t seem to bring that person out of me consistently. And I don’t know why.

You are perfectly clear: To reach your next level as a person, entrepreneur, brand, wife, professional, or all of those, there needs to be a change in how you conduct yourself. We’re not talking about your daily activities, or the number of hours you spend reading or making phone calls.

We’re talking your mindset, your demeanor, the energy you carry with you. Call it what you will — how others perceive you when you walk in a room, and how YOU perceive you when you look in a mirror — must change. You know you must change it, and you even have a good idea of what this change looks like.

Sound like you? Good, because I’m talking to you.

The problem is, you say, you can’t bring that person to the surface often enough.

Well, the problem itself is the problem. Because that person can’t be brought to the surface.

You’ve been struggling – and failing – to do something you shouldn’t even be trying to do. You’re not bad at doing it. You’re good at doing something that doesn’t and won’t ever work.

The person you need to be is already there. Right there in you, with you, speaking to you right now. What needs to happen: Remove the person, or people, who are in the way. The person you need to be is already there. Click To Tweet

You see, the person you need to be is speaking to you already. The reason you can only feel it when you get emotional is because emotions shut down conscious, rational thinking, allowing your subconscious to speak to you, if only briefly. Through your instincts, blind hunches, and those dumb, random thoughts that briefly excite you before you beat them down and scold them to never speak again unless spoken to.

Why would you beat them down, you ask?

[dt_quote type=”blockquote” font_size=”big” animation=”none” background=”plain”]The Super You: All that YOU Confidence, waiting to get out. [/dt_quote]

Well, you’re not.

Who is?

Those other Yous:

  • Supposed-To You,
  • Do-All-The-Right-Things You,
  • Friendly-And-Agreeable You,
  • I’ve-Been-This-Way-For-Years You.

They have the strength of numbers, experience, and seniority of YOU-You. This isn’t a fair fight. And it won’t ever be one. But you can still win.

Here’s how.

  1. Get clear on who the hell YOU are. This isn’t as hard as it seems: YOU already exists. To get in direct contact with this person, Ask yourself what your real desires are, what your instincts are really saying to you before they get shouted down by everyone else. Ask yourself what you were like before you started putting on those masks every morning.
  2. Stop worrying so much about everyone else’s opinions and feelings. People who suffer from this disease like to label themselves as “tactful” and “considerate.” And there’s nothing wrong with being nice, friendly and anticipatory of others’ needs. But, just like anything else in life, there can be too much of a good thing. Lose your fear of disappointing, disagreeing with, or directly confronting other people – especially when it comes to your personal fulfillment and happiness. You’ll be surprised to see how quickly other people get over their faux hurt and move on with their lives.
  3. Try a One-Day experiment. For just one 24-hour span, try saying what you really mean, doing what you really want to do, and forgetting about the person you’re “supposed to be” – a label you put on yourself, anyway, in the first place. You’ll be shocked at how liberating, fun and scary – in a good way – this is. The reason it feels so natural and easy, once you begin, is that this is the most natural form of YOU that exists. Once you ALLOW – not cause – this person to surface, you don’t have to think about it, force it, or question yourself. It just happens.

Those flashes of brilliance you experience, where the words and actions just seem to flow, where everyone just instinctively follows your lead without question or hesitation, and everything seems to just work itself out? That doesn’t have to be some once-in-a-blue-moon phenomena. It can be your normal, everyday life. The only thing(s) in the way are all the extra personas who’ve been stealing your life from you.

The True You has never gone anywhere. You don’t have to “find yourself.”

You just need to allow yourself. The True You has never gone anywhere. You don't have to “find yourself.” You just need to allow yourself. Click To Tweet


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