How to Get Noticed/Recruited by Colleges & Coaches

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how to get noticed and recruited by college teams and coaches

“How can I get noticed by colleges?”

“Should I start contacting schools now so I can play college basketball?” 

“My GPA is ____. Is that good enough to play in college?”

“I average _______. Will college want me with those stats?”

These are the type of questions I receive weekly from you all. Good questions, they are. I am going to provide you, on this page, with some good answers. See the scholarship page if you are in the market to receive one (if not, don’t worry — I knew I wasn’t getting one, and I was also 1,000% sure I was playing college basketball). See the main Guides and Tips page for info on every other basketball conundrum I have covered.

  • Getting Noticed/Recruited By Schools Is Your Job And No One Else’s. I have a friend in Europe who played four years of college basketball in the USA before embarking on a pro playing career. I asked her how she managed to get into the NCAA from Europe and her answer was simple: “I sent my video to every college I could find until someone showed interest.” Just like I tell aspiring professional players on the Pro Basketball page, if things don’t work out, you are 100% to blame. If you’re looking at your college prospects, you are entering a space where you will be mostly on your own. College is a transitory period from being a child to being an adult. Adults are completely responsible for everything in their lives.  You will be the one in those classes, living in that dormitory, in those pre-season practices. Not me, not your high school or AAU coach, and not your parents. If you want to be seen and recruited, you should be doing ten times more work to make that happen than anyone else around you. The coach at your prospective school should be receiving calls and emails from you, the student athlete. Not from your mom or dad or uncle or high school/AAU coach. 

  • Exposure = People Knowing That You Can Play. Emphasis on “CAN PLAY.” Bloom where you are planted. If you are a good player and you consistently display this fact, the exposure will find you. A lot of players ask me questions about getting more exposure for themselves as if they are the best-kept secret in scholastic basketball, when the fact is if you aren’t getting the proper “exposure” it’s probably because you’re not as good as you think/say you are. If you live in or near a large metropolitan area and you’re not getting the attention you want, guess what? You don’t need a publicist. You need more game and you need to up your performance.
  • AAU Experience Couldn’t Hurt. If You Want To Play, Find A Team And Join It. I never played a second of AAU basketball and I know players playing pro ball now that also never did. But, college-coaching friends of mine say that playing AAU ball can help raise a prospective recruit’s profile in the college staff’s eyes. Furthermore, AAU games take place in the summer, when college coaching staffs are not wrapped up in the season, and can dedicate their time to recruiting. So the question becomes, how can you find or join an AAU team? I don’t know one AAU coach, but a 90-second Google search turned up the names of 8 AAU basketball programs within 50 miles of my home. What is stopping you from doing this? Exactly — nothing. Your opportunity is simply an email or phone call away. Maybe you’ll have to try out — so what. It’s a team, earn your spot. Maybe they turn you away — on to the next club.Add 10″ To Your Vertical Guaranteed  | Complete Ball Handling Workout Package: DVD + Programs 
  • Grades Will Make Or Break You — Don’t Be A Statistic. I have seen it happen more times than you would care to hear about. There was a player I grew up playing with at the playground who was doing that And-1 Mixtape stuff in the mid-90s, before the tapes even existed. Another local player I grew up watching play was, at one point, arguably better than the one guy from Mt. Airy that did make it to the NBA.  I had a college teammate who was good enough to go to the NBA right out of a Division III college — not to play overseas, not to the D-League, the NBA. All three of the aforementioned killed their careers not by messing up in a practice or game, but academically. I could create a damn good all-star team of players I have known — from my neighborhood in Philly to high school peers to college (would-be) teammates and opponents — that fell by the wayside because their academics were not in order. And when I say a team, I mean a 12-man roster with three guys on injured reserve. Every single one of them had more talent than me, and blew it in the classroom. I’m no tutor so I can’t help you study, but you can find yourself one — start with your teachers and counselors at school. Search the Internet. If you blow your opportunity by failing in the classroom, it is your fault.
  • how to play ncaa basketball dre baldwin dreallday.comWant To Know Something? The Information Is Out There. The world you (I’m speaking to you, teens-and-unders reading this) are growing up in is so much different from the world I or your parents came up in. Everything and everyone is connected. There is technology that you use without thinking about it that your parents get frustrated just trying to figure out the basics of. Information is at your fingertips, so use it. You’re on the Internet right now, and anything you could possibly want to know is a 10-second search away. If you want to see what colleges are within 30 miles of home, Google it. If you want to know how many seniors are graduating from a school you’re considering, look up their roster. If you want to send some video to a coach, get that coach’s office or cell phone number from the team’s website and let her know you’re sending it, and that you will be following up (very important as coaches receive lots of unsolicited video/stats from players just like you all year long).
  • Present Yourself Properly When You Reach Out To Schools. This entails a few things. One is to take control of the process — not your parents or AAU coach. You. A college coach wants to build a relationship with the player he’ll be dealing with for the next four years. If you send your parents to reach out and make first contact for you, what will you do the first time you have a bad game or get yelled at in practice or benched in a game — call mom or dad to talk to the coach? College is a transition to adulthood, so start doing adult things, like handling your business, yourself.  Another is to have your grades in order. Speak to the counselors at your high school — every school has them — and find out what courses/test scores you need to have completed/achieved to be eligible to play college basketball. This information is also freely available on the NCAA’s website. If you don’t have the proper grades or test scores or credits, your video and stats package means nothing. Ineligible is ineligible. Again, this is your job. If you can read this post and your Facebook feed, you can read NCAA guidelines. This is your career we’re talking about, after all.

About 3% of high school seniors ever play one game in the NCAA. So it would be a hell of an accomplishment for you to make it happen for yourself. That said, understand that there are hundreds of thousands of other players driving in the same lane as you. Be lazy if you choose. Place responsibility for your future on another person’s hands if you wish. Just remember who has to live with the consequences.


  1. Here are some questions that I have?

    By sending videos to coaches and colleges how would you outshine guys who are on EliteMixtapes, BALLISLIFE, AND HOOPMIXTAPE and ware very popular already?

    Joining a REP team would also be fine right?

    Would do you think about Im’Possible Training and what they do?

    • 1. You wont, if they’re better players than you. And if you have game u wouldn’t care about other players.
      2. You need to answer that yourself, as to what is fine for you to do
      3. Don’t know them

  2. Hey dre I’m 18 yrs old and just graduated. I’m a really good player and I was on varsity but I never got playing time because of the coaches relationship to the returners because I made the team my senior year. What should I do to play in college or overseas. Thank you

    • 1. Cut the bullshit excuse – you didn’t play because the other players ahead of you were better, and you need to improve. “Good” is not in what you say, but in your on-court performance. You just said you didn’t have any playing time – thus you didn’t perform. So you’re not good. But you *can* become good.
      2. READ what I share on his website. I wrote it so you wouldn’t have to ask me these questions.

  3. My name is Jayla Russell Iam a freshman Iam 14 amd I love basketball I tryout 3 times and I never made the team because how tall I am and my strength the coaches said Iam not tall enough to be on the team but Iam a really good player but everone else think different I want to play basketball when I get out of school but I never think Iam going to make the team and I want to go to Yale so I really need advice.

  4. Hi Dre I’m Marc and I leave in Germany.. I’m already 17 years old and I want to play in college but everyone tells me that it’s to late for me to play at college because I had to start earlier to cintact with colleges if I leave overseas… What do you think, is it really late for me?

  5. Hey Dre

    Im 16 y/o and I’m playing varsity here in Canada. I average 15 points a game and most of my games I score 20+ points, it’s just that the off games that brings my ppg down. (I scored 13 points which is my least points) I’m 5’8, and Im in my junior year. I wanna play college ball but I don’t get offers. I’m thinking about just enrolling to the school and trying out. But I’m going to senior year next year and I want to get offers. My grades are pretty good too. How can college coaches notice me?


  6. my son (Christopher McKee) just turned 14 and I was wondering how to get his numbers out there to be seen as he goes through high school.
    He played 17 games this year and double double every game and finished this 8th grade season with 294 points and 246 rebounds
    Thank you

      • Dre, I have a delimma. My younger came from a school that didn’t offer sports. And switched to a school to play ball, only to find out that they have a system already in place and he couldn’t play his Junior year. And he will switch again this coming fall into his Senior year. I wanted to know if he’s wasting time trying to play his last year. I even thought I of putting him into some camps and finding a AAU team this summer. I’m kind of at a stand still right now. I would really appreciate your opinion Sir.

        • I don’t know anything about him – I can’t say from this small amount of information. That isn’t to say you need to supply more — it’s not your call as he is he decider of what to do with his time. Let him decide for himself what he wants to do with his sport. Ask him and go with that.

  7. Hi, im 15 I’m 5″11 SG I average 14 ppg playing varsity and I average 3.4 assists per game I can shoot from anywhere I’m only a freshman do you think I have any chances? Thanks.

  8. Hey Dre,

    Im a 16yr old and I only play for my schools JV, and I wanted to ask, should I wait till my Junior to start talking to and emailing colleges? I get a lot of playing time and I’m one of the better players on the team, but would colleges even look at a JV player? I know I’m only a sophomore and have two years to enhance my basketball abilities, but I was just curious. Thanks for your time!

    • College coaches don’t scout JV players. It sounds like you know this is. Get on varsity and be good – they will be contacting you. If you have not proved your game emailing will be a waste of your efforts.

  9. Hi Dre,

    My school had a basketball team but stopped after the first year……now I been out of high school about 3 years now and I’m trying very hard to play for a good college team or any team in particular and I’m locally known around my way….I have videos, I get monthly physicals, and I have serious skills to make it, my question to you is, how will I know if scouters or coaches are interested in me playing for them?

    • They’re not interested because they don’t know who you are. Enroll in college and try out for the team. You already know this.

  10. Hey I just wanted to ask I’m a 6’6 PF and I’m 16 and I can dribble a little above average and I can drive and shoot but my high school coach won’t let me shoot threes or any other kind of shot and it makes me mad as a player because he is holding me back as a player and from being a very good high school star for my team, and I wanted to ask should I just take my talents elsewhere to a coach that actually respects my game?

    • If you don’t want to do what the coach asks you need to find a new team. But, make sure the coach is actually the problem and not you. Don’t lie to yourself.

  11. Dre I am enrolled in a two year school and currently my school doesn’t have a basketball team. I was talking with the staff in the four year school and they told me they do recruiting in advance and all spots are filled up and I would need some film. I have a church league and I was going to film that because my school doesn’t have a team as well as give a combine of my vert and athleticism. I was curious of any other suggestions you might have in mind. Cause I still have many ideas on my list that I will take to action

  12. Hi Dre

    I’m 14 years old, and I am a 5’7 girls basketball player. For my AAU in the summer, my coach had me playing the SF and sometimes the PF because I was stronger than most of my teammates. I’m going to be a freshmen in high school, and I know most players playing those positions will be bigger than me, so I would like to change my position and become a point guard, but I feel like I am too late. How do I become a point guard now? I really want to play college basketball at Duke, but I feel like I’m too late because I see other players already ahead of me (ESPN hoopgirlz rankings). How do I get my name out there?

    • If you feel you’re too late then there’s not thing you can do. Get back in touch with me if/when you change your mind

  13. Dre I’m going to the 10th grade and on the JV team. Can I get an offer on the JV team ?

  14. Hey Dre, I’m entering 9th grade this year coming up and I’m around 6’2, many of my coaches put me down in the post but, I know I’ll never be any bigger than 6’5 which isn’t big enough to play as a center at the college level. So I was thinking about switching my position to a 1 or 2, and was wondering if you think I should start training right away with one of the Guard packages on hoop handbook or should I try and gain more experience at the position by practing and playing in leagues and games on my own?

    • You’ll need a combination of both; best to do a programs + games together so you can weave your new skills into the game situations you’ll be facing.

  15. Hey Dre, I’m 14 and about 5″3 and growing fast. I am supposed to be the size of about Nate Robinson though. I’m going into my 9th grade year and the coach already wants me on the team (I’m playing in a 5A school). I have good grades averaging a 3.4 grade average and intend to keep it that way. I am going to a several camps over the summer and am looking for an AAU team I can join. in one camp the Coach is Cameron Bairstow from the Chicago bulls (He came from New Mexico University in Albuquerque which is where I’m From.). I do understand that my Game needs work specifically on my APG but I really think I can make it big. Any thoughts or suggestions for me?

  16. Hi Dre, I am from Iowa, 14 years old, and started on my 8th grade boys basketball team. I know this sounds boastful but I have improved my ppg from 2 points a game to 7 points a game within a year. I scored 28 points last year and 78 this year, out of 23 games.I have scored in the teens at least 3 times. I am roughly 5 foot 10(144 lbs.) and a half and I’m supposed to grow to about 6 foot one. I do well in school(A’s and B’s). I’d like to know if you could have any tips to help me keep improving my game. I am also worried that since I’m a farm kid, it’ll be harder for me to get noticed. (I am not a consistent shooter) But, I am an efficient defensive player and can shoot if i have the confidence. I will greatly appreciate any advice you can give me, I’m willing to work very, very hard. Thanks again.. Duffy

  17. Hey Dre, I never played basketball in high school and I graduate this spring. I love the game and I play a lot of pick up games. I really want to play in college, any tips on how I can get there without the experience of high school?

  18. Hi Dre,

    I’m 15 from London and a 6ft guard. Iv’e been averaging 43 points a game this season. I really want to make overseas. I can play all-around but my class work isn’t all B’s it’s mainly C’s would that affect my chance?

    • Nice stats. No, I don’t think that will matter at all, as long as your academically eligible wherever you go.

  19. Hey Dre,
    I’m a 6″0 guard on JV as a freshman and I was wondering how I contact coaches and send them videos for the future?

    • You already know how to contact people; how did you contact me? However no college coach cares about a freshman playing JV. When your performance is worthy of attention, they will find you. Anyone can send an email, not everyone can play. Focus on the thing that will make you stand out: Performance

  20. Hey Dre, I’m a 5’11 8th grader and played for my 8th grade team this year. Next year I’m really hoping to make varsity as a freshman because it would help me get my name out there within my area. I’m expected to grow more between now and next years tryouts so i think I’ll be big enough to play but I need to know what to do to have enough game and get noticed to make varsity. I’ve been in the gym almost everyday practicing since a year and a half ago and I’ve gotten a lot better. But what should I do to make varsity as a freshman?

  21. How do I actually send a video to colleges or university’s? I went on a few websites of certain colleges and university’s and you can’t really send videos to them.

  22. Hey Dre, I just turned 15 and I’m 6’0 and I’m the 6th man on my varsity team as a freshman. I don’t want to sound cocky but I can shoot very well on the court and have some good handles. Right now I play as a 2 or 3 and I usually on the perimeter of the 3 pointer when I play. My dads 6’7 and my doctor said I should grow to be his same height or more. My coach told me that eventually he will be wanting me down in the post but the thing is that Im uncomfortable and bad in the post and I’ve never really even played there! I’m willing to buy a plan/exercise if need be but I really need some help! Also as young as I am do you think your vertical increase program could still help me and what program of yours do you think will best help me driving to the basket? Thanks a lot for the help!!

    • At we have the NBA Signature Workout programs, which are based on the skill sets of certain players. What you should do is choose a player whose game represents what you want your game to look like, for the post skills you want, and the driving skills also. We have over 50 to choose from. At your size I’d recommend Chris Bosh and LaMarcus Aldridge, LeBron James, Paul George, Dirk Nowitzki & Blake Griffin.
      The vertical program will help your jumping; for total body development we have Ultimate Athlete which is 15 weeks and requires no equipment at all.

  23. I’m coaching in South Korea at Osan high school, and I have a guard avg. 32 ppg, but I’m worried he won’t get any looks because of where we are and the level of competition we play. Any ideas

  24. Aye Dre, I’m a 15 yr old baller from OH. I’m about 6’0 and 180 playing freshman ball. My coach says I have to dominate on freshman before I can move up to jv. I’m used as a 3,4,5 Any tips on how I can take my game to the next level?

  25. Hey dre, I’m 15 I live in London and I’m a decent baller, I wanna improve my game and try and play overseas, any advice on how to achieve this?

  26. Dre my coach told me that if I work hard I have a shot at college ball. What are some effective drills/ tips to help me out

  27. Hey DRe.. Since you’re handbooks are for the computer (i will be buying) but what do you prefer to bring with me or do when i go to the outside court? Since I want to watch and play as you do it to get the footwork, What have your fans did in the past that I can do to watch you play and do at same time?

    • Briana, you can have the programs on your phone with you. Once they’re saved to your computer, sync to your phone and you can follow from there right on the spot

  28. Hey Dre .. Im 15, play for JV, I AM 5’7 1/2 And a freshman. I made the team partially ( football players tryout this friday) but I have been working on my game a lot.. Thanks to you & your confidence video. coach has me playing 4, but I know eventually I will play the 3 because of my height. but what is a good hoophandbook for me? Im leaning towards james harden but i weigh 200 pounds ( thats a lot for my height and i dont lift.. But i will begin lifting next week with the team) so i was also thinking Carmelo Anthony bc of my weight. Which one(s) should I buy? TY Dre

    • Glad to hear that. Good luck on the season. The program you get isn’t about your weight, it’s about your playing style. Choose based on how you play the game and how you see yourself playing moving forward. Both Harden and Melo will help your skills a ton.

  29. Hey Dre, I’ve tried out the past two years and I haven’t made it. My Soph. year and this year which is my Junior year and I didn’t make it. So I am a Junior now and I really want to play my Senior year. Tell me what do I need to do so I can play next year. I have an alright shot, just tell me what else I need to know and how to improve my mental toughness please?

  30. OK Dre. i plan on buying the conditioning Sunday so i can start Monday. IF i eat all greens, fruits and no meat until tryouts, and do the workout to the best of my ability and twice a day, will i get in shape and be able to run without getting winded?

  31. Hey Dre. Hope all is well. I stopped by to ask you about my daily workout routine. Im a freshman (HS). Monday-Friday this is my workout. ( and i have been eating ZEN greens box everyday for healthiness thanks to you)

    Dribbling – In And Out , Crossover , Behind Back , Back and Forth , Waist HIgh Dribbles , Ear High Dribbles , and Low Pound Dribble. (ALL WHILE STATIONARY and both hands). Then I will do cone dribbles from free throw line and finish with layup. (Both Hands)

    Shooting – I Do catch and shoot drills with the cones, and shoot from the 5 spots, mid and 3 pointer.

    Defense – Back shuffles, slides, sprints (10 ft) then finish with a layup (9 times)

    I know you may get annoyed by this, but honestly i need your help.. What can i add to this to embarrass the competition in tryouts?

    I jog 5 laps when i get to the court, 5 through the middle of my routine, and 5 at the end of my workout.

    What can i can i do to make my endurance better before the 28th? Not 100% because i know its unrealistic. But just what can i do in these 11 days to sprint in tryouts with suicides and full court sprints to keep up with the 10th-12th graders?

    just label a few things i could do. in a list or direct me to one of your videos answering one of these questions. I plan on jogging 1 mile non stop before school at 5AM..

    Thanks dre and if you need anymore information, let me know. Love Coming From NC

    • I have a complete series of training programs at for both on and off court development, including conditioning. Everything you need is there. Good luck at tryouts!

  32. I know I might sound like a dumbass.. But idc i need your help Dre. Lol so tryouts for my school is on the 29th, and I have been working really hard for 2 months. Shot is stronger then before, my left hand dribble is pretty good since ive been working at it.. My left hand layup is questionable though. I dont have a 1-2 dribble to get by my defender either. On defense i use my mind and can see whats going on before it happens. Im 5’10. Finally my endurance is much better but honestly it still sucks. Based on what you know what can i do other then hustle and the basics, (speaking more of the skill part) do make sure that i make the team?? Even if i need to buy a hoophandbook tonight let me know please..

    • The only thing that’ll guarantee your spot is how you perform in the moment of tryouts. At your size you could use the James Harden, Jamal Crawford and Dwyane Wade programs. Any one or all three would help your breaking down defender abilities.

  33. Hey dre, do you still do the deal if someone buys the “Add 10” to your jump in 12 weeks” theyll get 5 Sig. Workouts of their choice?

  34. OK thank you. Much appreciated. Just a few more questions. Since I’m buying the James Harden and probably Carmelo Anthony packet, will he need to have VERY good ball handling to do the drills in the workout? He’s not completely sloppy but his handling could use more help. So will he need to have A1 ball handling to be able to catch on to these drills and become a prolific scorer or does the workout progressively help his handling as well?

  35. Hey dre.. I plan on buying one of your workouts for my son as a surprise. ONly thing is i know nothing about basketball and i need your help. He is 15, 5’10, PF ( too short for PF in high school i’d say, so hes losing weight to play SF) has ball security but no 1-2 dribble or moves to get by the defender, but i cant lie.. He has a very lethal shot. Based on what i gave you what workout program would be best for him? Thanks and have a blessed day

  36. Hey Dre. The last two years I’ve had knee injuries and this year I’m returning. My fall league teammates and coach tell me that I’m really good, but I don’t feel like it, and I’m striving to get better. I want to play college, and I know I’m not good enough yet, no matter how good people say I am. Do you have any suggestions for in season training and building up self confidence.

    Please reply if you have the chance.

    • Jonathan, my books – which you can see on the right sidebar of this page – are about the exact topics of the mental side of the game and of life. That’s exactly what you need right now.

  37. Im VERY Interested In the site, but one qucik question. If i buy the James Harden workour and the Kevin Durant workouts, how will i Get them? Will they be DVD shipped to me or just downloadable content?

    • You will receive the programs as digital files. There won’t be a physical mailing unless you order a DVD, which are clearly marked and titled as DVDs.

  38. Hey Dre I’m a 6’4 sophomore who is an awesome team player. I have range. I have handles for my height and I can rebound and i am not afraid to WORK to get better at my game. What kind of things do I need to do to get recognized by a college? Plz hit me back if you see this.
    Email me if it is more convenient @
    [email protected]

    • Samuel, you need to 1) be the player you say you are and 2) prove it when it matters, like in games and training every day.
      Saying in a comment that you’re good is useless; every day a player tells me how good she/he is. Who cares? If you are really that good you won’t need to talk about it because it will be obvious when you play. Read the Guides & Tips page where I discuss scholarships and college. Good luck

  39. Dre, I’m currently a sophomore that plays for a very small school. Our coach isn’t even playing us in district. Will I get any exposure. If not how can I?