Refuse To Ever Be The Victim

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nike-basketball-summer-is-serious-event-recap Refuse To Ever Be The Victim dre baldwin dreallday.comSometimes things happen that are out of our control. And many things happen which are in our control that we never take control of. The worst outcome is when we decide something is out of our control and it actually is. This is exactly how people become victims. The circumstance overwhelms and the victim is powerless.

Here is some good or bad news: We always have control. If not over what actually happens, we always control how we think about what happens. Thinking is the precursor of action, and actions precede results.

Below, I’m going to share some ways you can adopt the never-a-victim mindset.

First, accept that you are to blame for everything that happens. Both the good outcomes and bad. This doesn’t mean you beat yourself up over every outcome. I know many adults who do this as a habit. What it does mean is, you are all-powerful. There is always something you can do. Start with your thinking. Changing that changes everything else anyway, by default.

Secondly, embrace the responsibility that comes with this mindset. Responsibility is a word that scares many people away. Many people see responsibility as a burden, just another way to be wrong or to blame. Here’s another way to look at responsibility. You’re being counted on because we know you can deliver. You are out in front because you’re shown the ability to make things happen.

Lastly, train your brain to think offensively. So you will start asking questions like, what can I do about this? Or, how can I impose my will to achieve my desired outcome? Or, what could I have done to have things turn out better? These questions empower you to think more responsibly. These questions empower you to think like a leader. Most importantly, these questions ensure that you will never be a victim.