Remember How Dedicated You Decided To Be When Kobe Died? How’s That Going?

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When someone dies — a famous person, someone close to us, or even someone we don’t know in some tragic, unexpected way — we get the proverbial emotional smack in the face from reality. 

And we briefly face the many truths of life (and death).

“Death can happen to anyone. “

“Being young doesn’t mean you have time. “

“It can be over that fast.”

“What am I doing with my opportunity???”

“I need to get more serious about my life! “

Kobe Bryant, his teenage daughter, and 7 others tragically passed away 3 weeks ago in an accident. 

Do you still have that urgency? 

Are you still taking a long, hard look at yourself and your life and your actions and really questioning what you’re doing with yourself? 

Have you remembered to have that “Mamba Mentality” every day at work or at the gym like you believe Kobe would’ve? 


Have you fallen back into routine… 

Gotten lazy about your goals (again)…

Forgotten about the dedication you decided to have when you were soaked in the emotion of Kobe’s death… 

Are you back to putting things off until “later,” which often means “never”? 

Here is where I would usually ask you to tell me — but it’s more important that you tell yourself. 

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