The Results Economy: Effort No Longer Counts

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Do you know what this is? You should learn about it. You’re in the right place.

We — and our parents — were raised in a deserve economy, also known as the time economy or the effort economy.

The people who still believe in the deserve economy can be identified from hearing them say stupid things like,

I worked 40 hours, so I deserve to get paid for 40 hours! 

I work hard, I deserve an opportunity! 

I’ve put a lot of time into this, I deserve success! 

These all used to be true. Day by day, they are no longer accurate. I’m writing this to alert you to start adjusting ASAP. Like, last week.

We are now in the results economy (and it does not matter what industry you work or will work in). Your time, effort and sweat will no longer be accepted in exchange for resources (money, recognition etc). You will only be paid (and “paid” or “money” here is meaning whatever you see as a reward: money, recognition, awards, social standing, etc) for results. Commission-based pay. Doesn’t matter your time or effort or hardship incurred. Every day, there are fewer people who care.

Get a lot of results in a short period of time? Reward will be showered upon you. Work a whole lot and have little to show for it? You can’t buy groceries with effort. Hell, soon it won’t even be sufficient to get you a job.

Wait a minute. The guy who went to the gym tirelessly and posted all those videos is telling me it’s not about effort anymore? WTF?!?! 

Understand: if that work didn’t produce results, you wouldn’t know my name. I’m not the first guy to go to the gym every day. Won’t be the last either.

Focus on results. Not the clock, or your sweat, or the help you think you’re entitled to.

Like Tont Soprano told Carmela when she threatened divorce: You’re entitled to shit.