Be Your Resume: How You Present Yourself Is The Selling Point

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Be Your Resume - Dre BaldwinYour work and your presence is your resume.

I read somewhere that amongst people who get hired for jobs, a very high number get those jobs from some personal connection with decision makers. Just filling out applications and sending out resumes — aka what most people would do — doesn’t convert too well.

Your walk, talk and attitude are your resume. The last conversation you had is now on your resume with that person (and everyone they tell about it). Anything you do or have done that can be looked up, researched, read about or recalled, is part of your resume.

Reputations precede people.

When people know you or know about you or are familiar with your work or have interacted with you, seeing a formal listing of what you’ve done is a mere formality. The decision is already made.

So if you’re not getting the role that you want, improve your resume.

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