Return of the King by Brian Windhorst (@WindhorstESPN) & Dave McMenamin (@mcten) [Book Review]

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“I think it would be great, it would be fun to play in front of these fans again. I had a lot fun times in my seven years here. You can’t predict the future, and hopefully I continue to stay healthy. I’m here as a Miami Heat player, and I’m happy where I am now, but I don’t rule out returning in no sense. And if I decide to come back, hopefully the fans will accept me.”

The fervent NBA fan that I am, I knew that I knew most of this story — LeBron James’ decision to return to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2014 after initially leaving them for the Miami Heat in 2010, the assembling of a team around James, and the Cavs winning the franchise’s first NBA championship 2 seasons later in 2016 in an unforeseen upset of the 73-9 Golden State Warriors. Buying this book was explicitly as a Leap sure reading, and knowing that there would be some details revealed about the two-year saga that only an insider, like ESPN’s Brian Windhorst and Dave McMenamin, would know about.


The book delivered.


You Should Read Return Of The King If: You’re an NBA, Basketball, Cleveland, or LeBron James fan. It’s a fun read and a great story to re-live, even if you watched it all when it first happened.