Reverse Criticism: People Criticize What They Envy

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Reverse Criticism dre baldwinBe careful of tricky naysayers.

Often, especially in the teen years (and with adults who never made it past the teens emotionally), peers will try to discourage from doing, or ostracize you for having, the very things that make you stand out.

The smartest students get called nerds or geeks. The tallest kids are gawked at and made fun of for being tall and skinny and not quite fitting into their bodies yet. Mixed children get called all kinda of names and can’t exactly fit in with any group.

People will make fun of you for the qualities you possess that make them feel insecure: your obvious gifts make them feel less significant, and they will use every tool at their disposal to bring you back down (in their mind) to their level. If you allow that reverse criticism to go to your head, their job is done: you become self-conscious and start to downplay and diminish yourself. Years later you’ll be wondering why you’re doing that and how the hell it happened.

The clues are often in the actions: people criticize or ridicule you for the gifts and qualities they wish they could have. So when you hear it, you know exactly what makes you special.

Be proud of it.


  1. Dre im white and when i play basketball with other they are typically black. It seems like everyone thinks because im white i can play and im better than allot of them. I let the game speak for myself and it helps but its hard to get the ball and they demand it when i do get the ball. Do you ever think a players better than a white guy and treat them different on a team because hes white or black?

    • No, a player is a player to me regardless of color. If you don’t like playing there then stop playing with those people.

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