Right Back At You: People Reflect Your Energy Back To You

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right back at you dre baldwin dreallday.comWhenever I’m feeling great and the energy is good and the calm has set in, nothing bother me. Even when someone else is rude, I’m cool. When I feel testy and confrontational, though, it seems all kinda shit comes my way — as if everyone decided to feel the same way that day. How the hell does this happen?

Simple: Our energies always reflect off of anyone we interact with.

However you’re feeling, the energy you are projecting, will be sent right back to you by the people you encounter. If you feel people are being pissy with you all day, it’s probably because you are feeling the exact same way. When you feel great and relaxed and agreeable, it seems that everyone else woke up on that same side of the bed too. Even a nasty attitude can’t get you out of a good mood when you’re in one — because your good mood doesn’t allow you to see that persona as being “nasty”. But when you’re in a bad mood, nothing anyone else does will be good enough for you.

So what about when things cause your mood to change?

It’s not those things or people or circumstances that bring about the actual change — you did it yourself. You chose to see things a different way — good or bad — and the results are the results.

Life is simply a mirror. If you don’t like what you’re seeing…

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