Risk: My Secret Weapon

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My biggest gains and advances in life have been the result of taking RISKS.

I’ve never had a problem with putting in the work and developing skill, or being persistent in my efforts. But those two alone often left me disappointed with the payback.

It was only when I started taking chances, jumping out of the plane with no parachute, into the deep end of the pool not knowing how to swim, that sh*t started happening the way I’ve wanted it to.

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I’m still taking risks to this very day that few will ever even know are risks. You’ll just see the outcome and think it’s because of skill or timing or talent. Those contribute, but they’re not the real key. Ever.

Funny thing is, the people with the most skills are usually the ones most afraid of taking risks. Many highly skilled people want to believe, deep down, that their skill will afford them what they want. Well, it might — but take it from me: it will take a long f*****’ time that way.

If you want to fast-forward your progress, and learn a lot about yourself all at the same time, start taking risks. Bet on yourself.

Then make sure you win.