What I Did By 9:26 AM Wednesday

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People sometimes ask me about my daily routine, or my morning routine. Here’s what I did this past Wednesday. 

3:33 AM Woke up. I don’t use an alarm clock. 

4:02 Yoga & Stretch 

4:12 Exercise. Strength training on this day. 

4:35 Eating 5oz organic spinach while browsing Twitter replies and Instagram notifications 

4:50 Shaving while listening to podcasts — today it was starting ESPN’s 30 For 30 series on former Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling 

5:25 Jacuzzi for meditation 

6:02 Shower and dress

What I Did By 9:26 AM Wednesday Dre Baldwin DreAllDay.com

6:46 Walk. Listening to an audiobook as I walk. 

I only listen to audios of books that I’ve already read (with my eyes) and liked enough that I wanted to reinforce by listening as well. 

Yes — I buy the book twice. 

[All of the above are everyday activities; done not necessarily at the same time.]

7:02 Stopped on my walk to write a new post. Took me five minutes. 

7:25 Home. Reading a book and taking notes. This is a physical book; I usually do digital. So I’m taking notes on the book in Evernote 

8:03 Consumed the next module in an online course I’m enrolled in. Taking notes in Evernote 

8:34 Ordered more copies to be printed of The Mirror Of Motivation 

8:37 Made a note to call my mother today 

8:42 Got an idea for a five-post series I’m going to write. Created new blank Google Docs for each of the five (I just write the title for each to remember what they’re about) 

8:44 Listening to audio lessons passively (while taking notes) as I tie up loose ends (clearing inbox; checking stats from past emails & product offerings, closing unnecessary browser tabs) 

9:20 Blended my pre-prepped protein shake 

9:27 Got the idea to write this 

That The Mirror Of Motivation book I mentioned ordering more copies of? You can get it FREE right now as long as you take care of the shipping. Tell me where to ship it here: http://WorkOnMyGame.com/Motivation 

-Dre Baldwin 


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