Save Your Money: I Don’t Want To Sell To Everybody

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You probably know, or maybe you don’t, that I have a website called HoopHandbook when I have basketball development programs and DVDs that players can use themselves. The programs on HH cost, on average, between $8-20.

Knowing that many players who learn from me are young and in their teens, I can remember where I was financially as a teen. I had jobs, but those jobs paid me go-to-the-movies money and other random stuff that teens who don’t have bills and responsibilities spend money on.

Occasionally I receive messages from young players who have questions about programs before they buy them. Things like, do you guarantee that this program will make me better? Or, are you saying that this program explains a lot of stuff that you don’t say on YouTube?

I suppose these are legitimate questions (all answered on the HH FAQ page, by the way). Here’s my philosophy for those asking. If you need to ask ore than one question before making a $20 decision, you shouldn’t be spending that $20. Save it and buy food or something nice for a friend or loved one. Invest in personal development — like one of my books on the right-hand side of this screen (or the bottom of you’re on your phone).

I don’t want to sell products to people who 1) Cannot afford them or 2) Need to think long and hard before parting with $20. And if you are either, your time/money is better spent on doing something nice for your parents now, so you can have them buy you HH programs later on. Smart, huh? Try it, it works.

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