SCAM Alert: Professional Basketball

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SCAM Alert: Professional Basketball  dre baldwin dreallday.comQuestion: If I presented an opportunity to you, that you had to work at for 10-15 years at minimum — investing time, effort, money and emotions — and, at the end of that time period there was a less than 1% chance you would make ANY money from your efforts, what would you call this opportunity?

A ripoff? Not legit? A Scam?

Then I have news: professional basketball is a scam.

Those numbers are not made up. Fewer than 3% of high school varsity players play in college at any level. Less than 1% of college players ever get paid to play basketball. So every exposure camp you attend, every AAU club you sign up for, every pair of knee and arm sleeves you buy, training program you purchase access to, is an investment you will likely not be reimbursed for. But, I mean, you could be that 1 in 10,000 (real number) who does make it.

[There are 10,000 people reading this and nodding their heads right now — yeah, I will be that one.]

Think about this the next time you want to sleep in on your alarm, hang out with your friends who are going nowhere, don’t want to heed the advice of your coaches and trainers, or think you know something when you have yet to achieve anything. You may be scamming yourself.


  1. I appreciate the sincerity Dre, great eye-opening information. I’m definitely going to continue listening to your advice (namely sticking to the plan, not letting distractions come in my way).

    I stumbled upon this post on another website which I think very well complements what Dre said:

    TL;DR: Professional basketball contracts don’t just fall in your lap. “The process to signing to a team like applying to any job basically boils down to who you know” professional basketball player Quentin Demeritte explains. (quoted from the website)

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