See What You Want: Get Around The Things You Want

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See What You Want - Dre BaldwinAny attention paid brings something closer to you. That attention can be paid to the exact things you want, or something you really don’t want. What you think about plays a role, of course, but what about the physical, tangible stuff in your environment?

Who are you hanging around? With whom do you converse? What do you listen to (both in your headphones and advice/information/opinions)? Where do you go when you have a choice of where to go? What you’re coming in contact with in all of these environments play a role in what your subconscious mind will have to work with. It’s the same as the food you eat: put candy bars and ice cream in your body, how much muscle can you realistically expect it to produce?

Your mind will produce outputs based on its inputs. What are you supplying it with? Take time to think about it and you’ll recognize that you have more control over those inputs than you think.

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